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    DJ Kat
    DJ Kat

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    Interesting news articles from around the web Empty Interesting news articles from around the web

    Post  DJ Kat on Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:19 pm

    I come across news articles that are interesting, just strange, or whatever at times.

    Feel free to comment on posts, or posts ones you find. if you do, please link back/give credit to original source
    DJ Kat
    DJ Kat

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    Interesting news articles from around the web Empty An entire bridge is stolen! :o

    Post  DJ Kat on Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:20 pm

    How Does an Entire Bridge Go Missing?

    How Does an Entire Bridge Go Missing?Police in North Beaver Township, Pennsylvania are scratching their heads right now. Why? A 50-foot long, 20-foot wide steel bridge just disappeared. How? Apparently, some very bold criminals just up and stole it.

    Stealing a bridge, as you'd imagine, is a pretty complicated crime. This isn't some 90s era magic trick people. The local police suspect that the bridge robbers worked at this for over a month. They presumably used a blow torch to cut the corrugated steel and then somehow moved the pieces—steel beams and such— to sell for scrap metal. That couldn't have been easy as each foot was estimated to weigh hundreds of pounds. But why oh why would you even bother stealing a bridge? Because the scrap metal is estimated to be $100,000. Oh.

    But even knowing how it happened, I'm still left wondering, how does this happen!? It's a crime that's so far out there that no one really knows what from how and who from why. In fact, police say the bridge went missing some time between September 27th and October 5th. That's a pretty long range for something that big to go missing, right?

    And who in the right mind would look at a bridge and go hey, I think I can take that down. How do they transport it? Who are they selling it to? And how come no one noticed earlier? (this has a more reasonable answer, it's deep in the woods and the bridge is an old railroad bridge). Will they re-build the bridge? Were the robbers really there for a month? Are they going to steal another one? Is this going to set off a bridge stealing bonanza? Hey, I'd actually like that. Life would be more exciting if more bridges got stolen. Robbing bridges is the new black.
    DJ Kat
    DJ Kat

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    Interesting news articles from around the web Empty That chili was a bit too hot!

    Post  DJ Kat on Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:37 pm

    Pair in hospital after Kismot 'killer' curry contest

    Two people have been taken to hospital following the "world's hottest chilli" competition at an Edinburgh Indian restaurant.
    Interesting news articles from around the web _55838616_kismot2
    Emergency services were called to the Kismot restaurant in St Leonards Street on Saturday afternoon after some competitors became "very unwell".

    The competition involves people eating the "Kismot Killer" curry.

    The Scottish Ambulance Service is now calling for a review into how the event is managed.

    On the restaurant's website it insists that participants sign a legal disclaimer before taking part in the competition, which raises money for the Scottish children's charity Chas.

    It is understood that members of the British Red Cross were on hand at the event, but the Scottish Ambulance Service still had to be called because two people had such a violent reaction.

    Curie Kim, 21, an American student on an exchange to Edinburgh University, said she decided to enter the challenge when she saw it advertised in the restaurant.

    She told the BBC Scotland's news website: "It was very painful and felt like I was being chainsawed in the stomach with hot sauce on the chainsaw.

    "I have learned my lesson and will never do it again and, in fact, I will be cutting down on my spice intake full stop."

    Ms Kim came second in the contest.

    "The woman who won ate the last bowl in four seconds and then ran outside to be sick where as I didn't so I've learned I should have had a game plan like that," she said.

    "There were three rounds and I managed half of the last bowl.

    "I was in so much pain I wasn't aware of what was going on around me and when I got to hospital they gave me medicine for the indigestion.

    "I don't think the restaurant should do it any more as I think there are a lot less painful ways to raise money for charity."
    'Hands up'

    Organiser Abdul Ali said: "The British Red Cross we had on board could not cope. We put our hands up. We did have to call the emergency services for a couple of our participants."

    Mr Ali said he regretted that the services had to be called out on a busy Saturday.

    He said all participants were now "fit and well" and more than £1,000 was raised for charity.

    A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: "Two patients were taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after becoming very unwell at Kismot restaurant.

    "We would urge the organisers to review the way in which this event is managed in future in order to avoid another situation where emergency ambulances are required to treat their customers."

    Gordon Mackenzie, whose council ward covers the restaurant, called the event a "shambles" and said: "The owners owe a debt to the ambulance service, and I hope they'll find some way of making it up to them."
    GI Jedi
    GI Jedi

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    Interesting news articles from around the web Empty Re: Interesting news articles from around the web

    Post  GI Jedi on Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:52 pm


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    Interesting news articles from around the web Empty Man cuts off own arm with Guillotine

    Post  admin on Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:26 pm

    (some of the current comments are rather amusing)
    Interesting news articles from around the web 1944527
    (link to image source)

    BELLINGHAM, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — A Washington man loses his arm from a homemade guillotine.

    The guillotine unexpectedly dropped on his shoulder Thursday morning at a camp he was living at, severing his arm.

    He left the arm behind after the accident and rushed to Bellingham Urology Specialists.

    Evelyn Leuther, who works at the clinic, told CBS Seattle a woman passing by said, “I hope that’s a Halloween costume,” referring to the man missing his arm at the shoulder.

    But the gore was real. Seconds later, another woman ran by screaming for someone to call 9-1-1.

    Doctors and nurses from the office rushed to help.

    “It was a sight,” she said. The scene lasted for 10 minutes before an ambulance took him to the hospital two blocks away.

    Officers checked a wooded area near the clinic and discovered a camp believed to be the temporary home of the individual. At the camp, officers located the severed arm and a homemade guillotine, which the police then dismantled.

    The condition of the victim is not known at this time, but Bellingham police said in a release he was being transferred to Harborview in Seattle for further treatment.

    underline is mine. Urology???? Non-medical types = that's a specialty dealing with pee.. orthopedist might have been correct ... well ER would have been first correct place to go, but I'm sure there's more to the story than has been published

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