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    Friends needing employment or more employment


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    Friends needing employment or more employment  Empty Friends needing employment or more employment

    Post  admin on Sat Sep 24, 2011 11:22 pm

    So many people who I know right now are either unemployed and seeking work, or are under employed and needing more work and/or better pay.

    Friend 1: It's been a particularly rough year for him having lost his father. Laid off from his work last year, he's STILL seeking work. His car is not playing nice either, but a bit hard to replace a transmission when there's no job to back it up.

    Friend 2: Underemployed brother in Christ. "HD" has called him and played a bipolar game making him think he'll be working there again, yet still is not.

    Friend 3: Laid off this year. Out of work for entirely too long. Found something, but underemployed and needing more.

    Friend 4: Situation is somewhat like friend 3 above. Needs more steady work to supplement seasonal stuff.

    I'm hoping SOON to post updates to answered prayers, cuz my heart aches for these sincere good people who are just not having a good year. The fact economy is in the toilet doesn't help matters of course. Also, if you think you are one of the above friends in this thread and want me to change or remove any details, or reply saying you know it's you and/or answers to my prayers, feel free!

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